BRB, Writing Book!

31 Jan

I wanted to drop in with a quick explanation for the lack of fresh reviews just now. They’re piling up, and will be released into the wild next week sometime 🙂 Right now I’m having a concentrated attack on that ever tricky beast, “My novel”. It’s been a work in progress for…Oooo…about seven or eight years now, on and off. And I’ve had enough. I can’t deal with office life for very much longer and I need to get this done. Less faffing and dreaming, more writing.


I know how boring it is to hear about other people’s writing, honestly I do, and I wouldn’t inflict that on you. But just so’s you know where I am, I’m up to my ears in edits right now and am not allowing myself near books or reviews until Chapters 1-3 are polished and ready. Small goals, small steps!

I’ll be back somewhere around the middle of next week with reviews of The Old Man And The Wasteland, Throne Of The Crescent Moon and The Eye Of The World for you. See you then!

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