Smoke, Bones & Witches

19 Feb

I have to confess, I was hoping for a much bigger haul from my once-a-year-or-so day off work and todder-less trip out. That said though, I really do need to start focusing on quality rather than quantity, so it may well have been a blessing in disguise.  My trip to Waterstones was a little frustrating due to some poor stock and some irritatingly clueless staff (doesn’t often happen, but when it does? Mind-numbingly annoying. If you’re not arsed about books, don’t work in a bookshop), and of all places I actually picked up these two in Sainsburys;

13600168     15931925

Now, I know we’re not supposed to buy books from the Big Evils, but…Waterstones wound me up, and looking at their website right now I saved over a fiver by getting these two from the supermarket. If they want me to not do that, they need less mardy staff. Simples.

I’ve not read or written much over the last week or so, but I’m about to bury myself in fiction once more, and later this week I really need to crack on with the second chapter of my new idea for a novel. I’m a little over halfway through my second read of Advent at the moment, and it’s even more gorgeous this time around. I can’t wait for the release of the second book this summer. I’ve also got some interesting eARCs that I’ll post about soon.

For now though? time to catch up on some work 😦


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One response to “Smoke, Bones & Witches

  1. Cindy Callens (@DraumrKopaBlog)

    February 20, 2013 at 10:46 am

    I really enjoyed Daughter of Smoke and Bone, good choice!


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