Not a review: Advent, James Treadwell

21 Feb


“For centuries it has been locked away 
Lost beneath the sea 
Warded from earth, air, water, fire, spirits, thought and sight.

But now magic is rising to the world once more.

And a boy called Gavin, who thinks only that he is a city kid with parents who hate him, and knows only that he sees things no one else will believe, is boarding a train, alone, to Cornwall.

No one will be there to meet him.”

Having already read and reviewed James Treadwell’s Advent last year, I don’t want to re-post another review, but as my old site is no long accessible I thought I should at least mention afresh that it’s an unutterably beautiful read. The novel is so full of myth and detail that it stands up brilliantly to a re-read, and I wanted to refresh myself in readiness for the release of the second book in the series this summer.

Anarchy will be published early in July in the UK and Commonwealth, and in September in the US.
Prepare yourselves for gods, demons, bicycles and Canadians.

If you’ve not tried Advent, and you’re a fan of Charles De Lint, you HAVE to give this a go. It’s completely gorgeous. I believe ‘technically’ it’s YA, but it’s like no other YA you’ve read, I promise. It’s rich and challenging and full of depth, nothing like titles by the likes of Hocking or Clare. Treadwell puts them to shame. It’s really interesting to compare Advent to Wake, for example. Treadwell’s book is like a 3 course steak dinner in a beautiful ocean view restaurant, whilst Hocking’s is more your three day old Tesco value burger with a hint of dobbin around the edges. He really is in a class of his own.

I absolutely can’t recommend this highly enough. If you’re looking for something daft and fluffy, it won’t be for you, but if you want to read something truly beautiful, look no further.

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