Project Codename ‘Wilt’

01 Mar

It’s time for a confession. Most of you know I try to write after-hours. I’ve been working on an Epic Fantasy novel for a long time, six years or so now, on and off. And still I’m nowhere near close to finishing it. It’s turned into a bit of a love/hate situation.


I got all wrapped in NaNoWriMo last year for the first time ever, and I flung out 50,000 words in a sleep-deprived, frenzied month of madness. And what with how that worked out, and how I ended up chatting to all sorts of interesting and experienced writerly souls on Twitter, I’ve had a bit of a change of plan. A big change really, but I’ve taken some advice from a couple of folk with a mass of experience of the publishing industry, and while my Epic is still alive and well, it’s on hold for now while I work on a much smaller, faster, and madder project.

I’m trying my hand at a YA Fantasy novel.

I have left a space for your hollow laughter.

I know, I know, I’ve HATED so many of them, but, that’s the thing, I can write the one I’d like to see more of, the kind of novel I’d like to see my lad reading one of these days, instead of yet another one for the swoony girly teens.


Essentially there are lots of reasons behind it, I won’t bore you with them, and I wouldn’t even have mentioned it if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s taking up a big chunk of my already tiny free time, which means I’m getting less books read and reviewed, and at least this way you’ll know the reasons for any unusual absences. I spend as many evenings now tearing my hair out at the keyboard after a tough day in the office as I do sprawled out on the sofa lost in a book. But this project, which I don’t have a concrete idea of a title for yet but shall henceforth refer to to as ‘Project Wilt‘, is one I hope will at least take me through the process of actually FINISHING a novel, and it also lets me battle a few other demons in the process. And, to be honest, I’m bloody having Fun with it 🙂

So, really, I could’ve just said “I won’t be posting as many reviews”, but…c’mon…I don’t have many people to talk to at the best of times!  For the curious, I’ve been working on this idea gently for about 3 weeks now, and tonight sees me halfway through the third chapter, and just having crossed the 9,000 word mark. Sanity levels are good, and life has a teeny hint of promise and possibility once more.

Oh, and nothing…absolutely nothing….sparkles.


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