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A thought on series reads..

I’ve got quite a few goals for this website, but one thing I’m really hoping it will do straight-away is help me to complete more series. I’m a terrible ‘flitter’ with series, I’ll often get one or two books in and ‘wander off’ to something different, and then when the next book is released I’ve forgotten an awful lot, so I head back for a re-read as a refresher, and then something else will catch my eye…and…I end up very rarely completing anything. This is A Bad Thing and one of my many New Year’s resolutions is to finish what I start.

never finsih anything cushion

Take King Rolen’s Kin for example, I’m loving the first book, and I have the next three lined up ready to go. This morning I’ve received two review requests and one ARC and already my determination to read KRK end-to-end is wavering. Now I’m not saying it’s always a positive thing to read a series straight though, it’s just a personal goal in my case. To give myself a better chance of achieving that goal, I’ve decided to ease back a little bit and let myself at no more than two series at any one time, or one series and one standalone.

Now, why do you care? well, you don’t of course, I’m just inflicting my strange OCD reading targets on you whether you like it or not, Ha! But as I merrily think aloud here, I’m thinking that perhaps it *will* be beneficial to have consistent reviews of titles within a series rolling in close together. If nothing else, it will make for a neat and orderly review index.

Given the often doorstop-esque proportion of a lot of fantasy epics, to keep content fresh on here it would probably be best to alternate an epic series with a steampunk series, or a standalone, etc. Just to avoid there being a week-long gap between updates. So, that’s my rough plan…as for sticking to it…well, we’ll see!

Thoughts? Do you follow certain series through end-to-end where possible, or flit about merrily at will? When it comes to reading reviews on-line do you like to check out reviews of the series as a whole? or book-by-book?

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