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Doctor Sleep

The thought of this kept me going at work today when I was about ready to throw in the towel. I absolutely cannot wait to get my paws on this one!!


I can’t embed the snazzy interactive image on here, because WordPress hates iframes. And I can’t blame it, if I’m honest, I see infected ones all day long in the office. But I digress! To go and play with the shiny awesomeness head over to and start the countdown!



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Happily continuing to accept ARCs from, and only from..

Today I had a good look through all my past reviews from my old site, a rummage through a lot of emails and another look at the sites & accounts that have aroused my suspicions recently, and I’ve come up with a definitive list of publishers that I’ll happily Advance Review for. It’s more than the three initially mentioned here so I thought I should post a quick update, in fairness. So here are, in my eyes, The Good Guys:

Simon & Schuster, Harper Voyager, Hodder, Jo Fletcher Books, Berkley UK & Solaris.


These are the publishers I, personally, have found to be ‘Decent’ when it comes to reviews and blogs and all that lies therein. And a pleasure to deal with. And so they’re the ones I’m happy to devote time to. Because time is precious when you’re a parent and a full-time employee.

I’m always interested in Indies, because I love to find new and interesting stuff off the beaten path. But I’m done with all the other ‘Big Boys’. Or as I now can’t help but think of them, The Bad Guys.




When it comes to back catalogue stuff, would I ever not read a book because of it being from a certain publisher? It’s an interesting question that I’ve just stumped myself with. My immediate response would have been “No, I read whatever I want, I just wouldn’t waste my time Advance Reviewing for them”, but you know, the more I think about it, the more I do wonder. There are definitely two or three publishers whose titles I would certainly think twice about buying since having spent time reviewing for them. Maybe I’d just drop by the library if there was anything by them I was desperate for.

Food for thought.



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