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Happily continuing to accept ARCs from, and only from..

Today I had a good look through all my past reviews from my old site, a rummage through a lot of emails and another look at the sites & accounts that have aroused my suspicions recently, and I’ve come up with a definitive list of publishers that I’ll happily Advance Review for. It’s more than the three initially mentioned here so I thought I should post a quick update, in fairness. So here are, in my eyes, The Good Guys:

Simon & Schuster, Harper Voyager, Hodder, Jo Fletcher Books, Berkley UK & Solaris.


These are the publishers I, personally, have found to be ‘Decent’ when it comes to reviews and blogs and all that lies therein. And a pleasure to deal with. And so they’re the ones I’m happy to devote time to. Because time is precious when you’re a parent and a full-time employee.

I’m always interested in Indies, because I love to find new and interesting stuff off the beaten path. But I’m done with all the other ‘Big Boys’. Or as I now can’t help but think of them, The Bad Guys.




When it comes to back catalogue stuff, would I ever not read a book because of it being from a certain publisher? It’s an interesting question that I’ve just stumped myself with. My immediate response would have been “No, I read whatever I want, I just wouldn’t waste my time Advance Reviewing for them”, but you know, the more I think about it, the more I do wonder. There are definitely two or three publishers whose titles I would certainly think twice about buying since having spent time reviewing for them. Maybe I’d just drop by the library if there was anything by them I was desperate for.

Food for thought.



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The Wind Through The Keyhole

Time for a big “Thank You” to the ever lovely folk at Hodder for surprising me tonight with a review copy of Stephen King’s The Wind Through The Keyhole. What a nice end to a lousy week in the office.

WP_001087 (1)


I grew up on a steady diet of King, and although I did drift away from him for awhile, he hooked me back in with Under The Dome which I remember merrily devouring in two days while I was on maternity leave.

In terms of the Dark Tower, I have to confess I’ve only read the first two, but it’s a series I always meant to go back to, and looking at the blurb for this one, I have a feeling it’ll have me diving me back in no time;

This is both a stand-alone novel for readers new to the world of the Dark Tower and a gift of deeper insight for existing fans.”

I’ll be squeezing this one in as soon as I’ve finished my current read, which will hopefully be tonight. And no work tomorrow, hurrah! Some reading time at last.


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