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Military SF?

I’ll be honest, I’m not massively into SF, and of the SF I *am* a little bit into, Military SF rarely features. But after my experience with James Lovegrove’s Age of Satan I finally got around to picking up a Pantheon title this weekend.

7775741There’s not a huge choice in the little town where I live, and I loathe Oxford enough to not set foot in it unless I absolutely have to. So for now I have to make do with Age of Odin, which is all good as I’m reliably informed they work perfectly well as stand-alones. And I’m all for anything that features Ragnarok. Also, I’m more than a little impressed if I’m honest. Usually the only titles in the SF/F section are Pern & Discworld novels. I was chuffed to see Solaris and Angry Robot titles in residence.





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Wheels, Satan and Crescent Moons

I wanted to drop in quickly with the news that I’ve decided to take the plunge and re-attack the Wheel of Time series. That’ll all be kicking off shortly, just waiting on a colleague of mine to unearth the early books from his attic, bless his heart. I’m nervous, excited, and determined to finally see what all the fuss is about.

I’m also about to embark upon yet another series I keep meaning to dig into, James Lovegrove’s Pantheon novels catch my eye just about every week when I’m in the library with my son, and somehow the titles just never make it home with me *hangs head in shame*


Today I was reminded by Dominick about the review copies of Age of Satan that Solaris sent out, and so tonight l’m going to be diving straight in with the last first, before picking up Age of Ra in town tomorrow. I know all the novels work as standalone, so it’s fine. Although…it messes with my OCD, lol.

age-of-satan-coverAnd last but not least, before I crawl off to bed with a cuppa and a book, I can’t help but mention how ridiculously beautiful Ahmed’s Throne of The Crescent Moon is. I knew it was going to be good…but I hadn’t grasped how good. I couldn’t love it more if it paid my mortgage off for me and bought me a giant chocolate cake. Honestly.

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