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Books Received

A small, but perfectly formed little bundle of bookness has arrived this week:

10181768 15802873Many thanks to the ever lovely Quercus Books, and the I’m sure equally lovely Pocket Books for the review copies. You’ve brightened what has been a really quite horrible week for me.

My migraines have returned so I’ve not been able to read half as much as I would’ve liked lately, but I’m hoping they’ll crawl off back to whatever level of Hell they originate from soon and I can get back to business.

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The Demi-Monde: Summer

HeydrichPoster.jpg.size-230I’ve been massively cheered up today by a copy of Rod Rees’ Demi-Monde: Summer, hurrah! If you’ve not encountered The Demi-Monde series yet, you’re missing a rare treat, and you should head over to The to see what it’s all about.

Think Discworld, but darker and more intelligent. You can check out my review of the first book in the series here,  and if your curiosity is sufficiently peaked you can read an extract for free here.

I’m currently devouring the second one and should have that reviewed for you before I head off on my Christmas travels.

In the meantime, let me leave you with the deliciousness that is the 3rd volume in the series:

“Eight-thousand years ago the Deluge destroyed the empire of the Lilithi, setting the race of super-warriors known as the Grigori loose in the outside world. They have lain hidden until now when – thanks to the creation of the dystopian virtual reality that is the Demi-Monde – they at last stand ready to achieve mastery of the Real World – and to cull HumanKind in the Final Solution.

Three girls stand between them and victory: Norma Williams, trapped in the nightmare that is the Coven, the iciously misandric Sector of the Demi-Monde; Ella 

Thomas, enslaved by the spirit of Lilith-come-again; and Trixie Dashwood, consumed by her hatred for Heydrich and his evil ForthRight.”

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