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DNF: Touch of Power, Maria V. Snyder

I’m starting to question my hazily fond memories of Poison Study, as I’ve just had to give up on Snyder’s Touch of Power. A terrible read! Although I wouldn’t feel fair actually reviewing it, as I crashed and burned at 26%. I just couldn’t see it getting any better. Not one for grown-ups.

As far as I got it read more like Urban Fantasy than anything else, with all the poor grammar and grating teenage vernacular that floods the genre. *Shudder*. Horribleness. 2D characters, shallow storyline, unforgivably naff romance angle. Not for me, thanks all the same. Blast Amazon and their 12 days of Kindle! convincing my to buy up some bargains, and then wish I hadn’t!

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Touch of Power

My TBR pile is currently up to the ceiling, but I couldn’t resist snaffling this one from Amazon for the bargainous, if slightly bizarre price of £1.09


I’ve not read any Snyder in years, but I do remember enjoying Poison Study, so fingers crossed…

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